If you find yourself saying, “I just wish there was someone I could ask about this. It’s outside of my expertise and I can’t find an easy answer.” then getting advice from a Brilliant Chemistry Expert is a great idea.

Your goal is to get an answer to a problem or question you have. Your problem probably won't be solved with a phone call. However, you'll have an answer and a plan on how to move forward.

Here is an example scenario:

Joe own's a small business that supplies plumbing equipment to local plumbers in the area. Joe has an idea for a mobile app that will allow plumbers to provide a job estimate to their customer in half the time they normally do. Joe knows the app will be a hit. He knows plumbing. There is just one problem. Joe doesn't know apps or programming or any of that technical stuff. He has no idea what it would cost or who to talk to.

That's where Brilliant Chemistry's experts save the day. Joe finds Carol, a mobile developer with many years of experience, on Brilliant Chemistry and requests a 30 minute phone call with her. Carol charges $1.50 a minute for her advice. To be sure Joe is talking to the right person, the first 5 minutes of the call are free. However, Carol ends up being a very knowledgable person and she is able to give Joe a good idea of the costs and process involved in building a mobile app. After the call, Joe is confident he has the budget to move forward with building his idea. Even better, he now knows someone he can come back to when he is ready to start building.