Brilliant Chemistry collects payment on your behalf from your clients. In order to do so, several steps must happen:

  1. Ensure you have added your bank account under the "Payments" tab of your account, and that it is accurate.
  2. Log the time you work for each client through out the week.
  3. On Monday morning at 6 AM EST, invoices are generated for the prior week's time. If you didn't log your hours by this deadline, they will not be invoiced.
  4. On Wednesday evening at 6 PM EST, the payment for the invoice is collected from your client.
  5. Between 2 - 5 business days later, the funds are available in your bank account.

The important thing to remember is to consistently log your time. If you miss an invoice period, you can still log your time, but it won't be invoiced until the following period (one week later).

When will I get paid?

That depends on the method of payment that your client has setup with Brilliant Chemistry. BC allows for two payment methods: credit card and ACH bank transfers.

If your client is paying by credit card

Credit card payments typically take 3 - 5 business days to hit your bank from the time the client is charged.

If your client is paying by ACH bank transfer

ACH payments take longer, typically 8 - 10 business days. The ACH transfer from the client takes an additional 5 business days over the 2 days for credit card transfer. The transfer to your account still takes 1 - 3 business days.

The important thing to remember is that once you get started, payment happens on a regular basis. Each week, money is hitting your account. When the industry standard for freelance receivables is 30 days, this is a big improvement.